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Clients have ranged from large multi-national charities and public sector bodies to small businesses and individuals. My livelihood depends on the happiness and satisfaction of my clients, and I take that very seriously. I love what I do, and am confident you will too.


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Web design is now a part of my repertoire. If you require a web presence, or a small personal website to showcase your services and talents, this would be your most cost effective solution.


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Photography was always that dark horse in the running. My passion for photography was recently rekindled by the arrival of the trusty Nikon D200. I spent the last four years getting to know the Nikon D200, and think I may have found a friend.


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From logo design to vector art. A portfolio of book cover illustrations commissioned by various authors.


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Creating computer generated art using 3D skills acquired over the years. I have been published by Ballistic Publishing in the Exotique and Exposé series as well as publications by Erotic Signature.


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A photographic blog of random musings from the world around me. Featuring macro and architectural photography.


Matt Smith, founder of Shimuzu Design is a dedicated and professional freelance graphic designer with 16 years experience, specialising in print, web and logo designs. His skills range across many disciplines, ensuring the right values and strengths are projected to the heart of your business.
314-334-3547 (UK callers please dial 001 first)